خانه en ۳ Proven Ways to Increase Your Confidence

۳ Proven Ways to Increase Your Confidence

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Confidence has a hypnotic effect on people.
Studies show that confidence is closely correlated with success, and even more so than competence.
That’s why it feels like some of the people we most associate with being successful appear to have an abundance of the coveted trait.
But the reality is, confidence is something we all can develop and increase. Even better, science has shown us specifically how to do it.
“And so fortunately, a substantial part of the confidence code is what psychologists call volitional: our choice. With diligent effort, we can all choose to expand our confidence. But we will get there if we stop trying to be perfect and start being prepared to fail.”
Take imperfect action. Fail. Use what you learn to take action again. Repeat until you consistently get results you can feel proud and confident about.

۱٫ Surround yourself with confident people.
one of the ways to develop grit, or any other trait you aspire to have, is to spend time with a group of people who are doing what you want to do or possess the skill you desire to develop.
Thus, if you struggle to be confident, start hanging around confident people. Not only will you start embodying the mindset that helps them be successful, but you’ll start to latch on to the activities that enabled them to get there, too.

۲٫ Take consistent action.
Performers who sell out stadiums around the world, pro-athletes who dominate their sport, entrepreneurs who appear to have the magic touch—all of them invested significant time in the trenches taking the actions necessary that enabled them to get so good that they could not be ignored.
Confidence comes from knowing you are capable of completing a task to your level of satisfaction. You can’t think your way to that kind of confidence. Deliberate action (not merely busyness) produces the know-how you need.
Data proves this, as well.
“Superlative performance is really a confluence of dozens of small skills or activities, each one learned or stumbled upon, which have been carefully drilled into habit and then are fitted together in a synthesized whole. There is nothing extraordinary or superhuman in any one of those actions; only the fact that they are done consistently and correctly, and all together, produce excellence.”
When excellence becomes your habit, confidence will be a natural byproduct. And the only way to develop a habit is to do the work over and over again.

۳٫ Fail your way to mastery.
You don’t get to mastery without a string of failures that point you in the right direction to deliver predictable high-quality results.
Of course, nobody wants to fail. But if you want to succeed, that is exactly what you have to get more comfortable doing.
Failure leaves clues as to how to succeed. And success breeds confidence.
James Dyson spent 15 years producing more than 5,000 prototypes before he developed the one that launched his billion dollar vacuum company. He wrote:

“There were tough times, but each failure brought me closer to solving the problem.”

You can become more confident no matter your starting point. It all starts with recognizing that you can develop the competence you need to be excellent. And then, of course, you’ve got to take the necessary actions that will help you get there.

In time, as your skills grow, so will your confidence, the mesmerizing effect you have on people and your level of success.

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