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Since we are living among the wonders of the world of creation, we have become accustomed to them and we might not appreciate them as they deserve. There are some examples of our negligence:
۱٫ There are very tiny animals and insects living next to us whose skeletons are not more than one or two millimeters. But despite this tiny structure, they possess hands, feet, eyes, ears, even brains,intelligence and central nervous systems.
If we put the brain of an ant under a microscope and look at it carefully, we will notice what a complicated structure it has. Different sections are put next to each other and each section controls the functions of certain regions of the ant’s body. A disturbance in any section
will result in some damage to the ant’s life.
Strange as it might seem, this small brain of the ant,which is even smaller than a pinhead, contains the means to evaluate environmental changes.
Could a material thing install and gather so many signs of intelligence inside the brain of such a small creature?

۲٫ In the mysterious world of the microcosm, the smallest unit known is the atom, the size of which is not visible even to the strongest microscopes.
If you want to know how small an atom is, you should be aware of the fact that one drop of water
contains as many atoms as the population of the entire world. And if you wish to count all the protons contained in one centimeter of a thin wire, you would have to hire one thousand persons who would have to spend between 30 to 300 years to count them continuously day and night.
Now that we have realized how many atoms are contained in one centimeter of a thin wire, think about how many atoms there are in the heavens and the earth,in the air, in the galaxies and in the solar system. Is it not exhausting for man to even visualize such immense quantities? There is no one except God, the Creator,who knows the precise answers to these questions.

The study of atoms is one of the most promising branches of human science today. From such studies,we will learn lessons on monotheism. There are four aspects about atoms which should hold our attention:
The Wonderful Order: Up to now, more than one hundred elements have been discovered in which the number of electrons varies from one to one hundred,and this wonderful system could not have been created by intelligence-lacking organisms.
The Equilibrium in Forces: We know that two opposite electrical poles neutralize each other. Thus,the electrons which possess a negative charge neutralize the nucleus which possesses a positive charge.
On the other hand, we know that the movement of the electrons around the nucleus creates a centrifugal force. This force intends to let the electrons fly away from the environment of the atom which could lead to its disintegration, and gravity tends to absorb the electrons and destroy the atom altogether.
In this way, we could observe how balanced the centrifugal and centripetal forces are in the atom.
Could this equilibrium have been brought about by blind nature?
Each One on its Specific Orbit: We saw that there are a particular number of some electrons for each atom. These electrons do not move in one orbit; rather,each one occupies a specific orbital path without any collisions between them.
Is it an easy task to put all these electrons in their specific orbits?
Atomic Energy: In order to appreciate the amount of energy contained in one atom, observe the following incident:
In 1945, an atomic experiment took place in the desert of New Mexico. A very small atomic bomb was left on a steel tower. After it exploded, the tower first melted and then evaporated accompanied by lightning and horrendous sounds. When the scientists returned to observe the result, nothing was left on the scene.
In that very year, two bombs were dropped on two cities of Japan: One on the city of Nagasaki and the other one on the city of Hiroshima. The number of dead in the former city amounted to seventy thousand with the same amount of casualties. And in the latter city, the number of dead was from 30,000 to 40,000 with the same number of casualties. As a result, Japan had to surrender to the United States and accept the truce.
Is it not sufficient to study the mysteries of one atom to get to know the Great Creator? There are as many reasons for the existence of God as the number
of atoms in the universe. The Holy Qur’¡n states:
And were every tree that is in the earth made into pens and the sea to supply it with ink with
seven more seas to increase it, the words of Allah would not come to an end. [Qur’¡n

Do you know anything more concerning the mysterious life of ants?
Can you draw the structure of the atom on the blackboard?

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