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Suppose your friend brought you a book as a present and told you that it was written by an all-knowing and ingenious author…

You would never study such a book indifferently or perfunctorily. Rather, you would contemplate on every single sentence and on every word. If you could not understand the meaning of any sentence at first glance, you would study it once again to have a better comprehension of it. This is because you were told the writer was not a usual one; on the contrary, you were told that he had special talents.

But suppose you had been told that the book was not written by an expert, but rather by a mediocre writer whose judgments were not to be trusted.

Under such conditions you would not take the book seriously and you would attribute any incomprehensibility in the text to the ignorance of the writer.

The world of existence resembles a huge book in which every word stands for a creature. From the viewpoint of every believer, every particle of this universe is worth our serious attention. A believer in God tries, under the light of theism, to delve into the mysteries of existence with utmost curiosity (and this curiosity has led man to improve his knowledge) since he is aware that The Creator of the Universe is The Almighty God who is The Great Knower.

Such a pious man would easily realize that even the minutest part of The Creator’s work has been designed on the basis of a special wisdom. For this reason, such a person would study the universe more deeply in the hope of comprehending more of the mysteries of this world.

A materialist on the contrary, would not feel the need for profound study of the mysteries of the world since he would attribute the whole of existence to unintelligent nature. However, there are some materialistic scientists who are convinced that a god exists but name this creator nature. This is because in their view nature is extremely well-organized.

In sum, theism is a means for the enhancement of the sciences and human knowledge.


When man is confronted with worldly complexities  and he feels desperate and alone, belief in God comes to his rescue and enables him to face his problems.

Those who believe in God do not envisage themselves as alone; neither do they feel helpless. This is because God’s Power and Might is beyond all obstacles and no hurdle exists for Him.

True believers with their trust in Allah’s

Benevolence, struggle against difficulties with all their strength and do so while they are hopeful of God’s Magnificence that He will remove all obstacles.

It is a fact that belief in God is a fortified place for man; good faith is a means for man’s endurance and stamina; faith in God steadily kindles the light of hope in the hearts of genuine believers.

For this very reason, righteous believers never try to commit suicide. This is because the feeling to commit suicide is a characteristic of quitters, losers and desperate people. The true believer neither becomes hopeless or disappointed, nor does he feel failure or boredom.


We know some physicians who provide poor,wretched sick persons with money to fill prescriptions without even asking them for the medical fees. They would even stay at a poor person’s dilapidated house if they feel that the person was in danger. Such physicians are truly pious.

On the other hand, there are some physicians who would not do anything for the poor and sick without first receiving the necessary fees. Such physicians suffer from a lack of faith.

A truly religious individual should always feel a sense of responsibility; he is generous and beneficent.

He senses an internal policeman within himself at all times who watches his deeds continuously.

Faithless people however are self-centered, despotic and dangerous. They do not assume any  esponsibility.

It is easy for them to hurt others and abstain from doing good deeds.


Psychologists and psychoanalysts inform us that mental diseases are more prevalent in our time than at any other time in the past. They add that one of the factors behind such mental problems is anxiety and worry over future events. Worries over death, wars, poverty and failure are also disturbing in our time.

These scientists add that one of the factors that alleviate worries is faith. This is because one’s conviction and faith deter one from anxiety.

The Benevolent, Generous God, Who is familiar with every action performed by His servants, will help them if they ask Him for assistance. Then the servants will feel peace of mind for they know that God looks after them.

That is why genuine religious people feel tranquil at all times. They are not worried and anxious because they serve God in their deeds. If they lose something in the process, they know they could ask God for compensation.

They are delighted even on the war front. The Holy Qur’¡n says in this regard:

Those who believe and do not mix up their faith with iniquity, those are they who shall  have security. [Qur’¡n 6:82]


Do you know of any historical event which could vividly indicate some features of true faith mentioned above?

Do you know of some people who claim to believe in God but exhibit unethical behavior and display the four characteristics above?


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