خانه en Jihad with the soul The Intimate Devotions of the Month of Sha‘ban

The Intimate Devotions of the Month of Sha‘ban

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The Intimate Devotions of the Month of Sha‘ban (Al-Munajat Ash-Sha‘baniyyah)
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
My Lord, bestow your blessings on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad.
Hear my prayer when I pray to You, And hear my call when I call to You.
Turn to me when I whisper to you my devotions.
For I have fled to you and am standing before You, Imploring You in humility In hope of that which You have as my reward.
You know what is in my soul and you are aware of my need.
You are acquainted with my mind, and nothing of my returning and my destination is hidden from you:
Not those with which I intend to begin speaking, nor the request I would utter, And of the hopes I have for the hereafter.
O my Lord! Whatever you have destined for me until the end of my life concerning the secret and open aspects of my life, it is in Your Hand and in the hand of none else, my abundance and my deficiency, my benefit and my harm.
My God! If you deprive me who will provide for me?
And if you forsake me who will help me?
My God! I seek refuge in You from Your wrath and from the arrival of your displeasure.
My God! I am unworthy of Your Mercy; you are certainly worthy of generosity to me by the virtue of Your Graciousness.
My God! It is as though I myself were standing before You And were in the shade of my trust in You, Then You said that of which You are worthy And You covered me with Your forgiveness.
My God! If you forgive me, then who is more suited for that than you?
And if the moment of death has come near but my deeds have not yet brought me near to You, Then I make this confession of my sins to you my vehicle.
My God! I have recklessly failed to look after my soul, so it is doomed if you do not forgive it.
My God! Your favor has been constant throughout the days of my life, so do not cut off your favor from me at the time of my death!
My God! How can I despair of your watching well over me after my death?
When you have wrought nothing but beauty in my life?
My God! Do that of which you are worthy in my case and bestow your grace upon a sinner engulfed in his ignorance.
My God! You have concealed my sins in this world, while I am in greater need of their concealment in the hereafter.
As you have not exposed my sins to any of your righteous servants, do not disgrace me on the Day of Resurrection before everyone.
My God! Your generosity has inflated my hopes and your righteousness is better than my deeds.
My God! Delight me with your encounter on the day you judge among your servants.
My God! My apology to you is the apology of one who cannot afford that his apology not be accepted.
So, accept my apology, O most Generous of those to whom the evil doers offer their apologies!
My God! Do not reject my need, do not disappoint me in what I covet, and do not cut off my hopes and aspirations from you.
My God! If you had wanted to degrade me, you would not have guided me;
If you had wanted to disgrace me, you would not have kept me safe and sound.
My God! I do not think you will refuse me in this need in whose solicitation from you I have spent my life.
My God! To you are due all praise, always and forever, eternally, Increasing, not diminishing, As You like and please.
My God! If You hold me for my crimes, I will hold on to You for Your forgiveness, And if You hold me for my sins, I will hold on to You for Your pardon.
If you cast me into the Fire, I will announce to its inmates that I love you.
My God! If my works are too little regarding obedience to You, There is indeed much regarding my hopes in you and my aspirations.
My God! How can I turn away from nigh unto you bereft, in failure, when I had such a good opinion of your generosity that you would turn me away from being bereft of salvation?
My God! I have wasted my life on the evil of inattentiveness toward you and I have worn out my youth in the drunkenness of estranging myself from you.
My God! I did not awaken when I was under a delusion about you and was inclined toward the way of your wrath.
My God! I am your servant, the son of your servant, standing before you, trying to use your own magnanimity as a means to you.
My God! I am a servant who would Excuse himself before you of that which I did in front Of you because I lacked shame of being watched by you; and I seek your forgiveness, For Forgiveness is a characteristic of your generosity.
My God! I was not strong enough to remove myself from disobedience to you
Until you awakened me to your love.
I was as you wanted me to be So I thank You for bringing me to Your generosity and for purifying my heart Of the filth of negligence of You.
My God! Look upon me as one Whom You called and who answered you, Whom You helped by employing him and who obeyed you.
O near one who is not far from one who is estranged!
O Generous One who does not withhold His reward from one who hopes for it!
My God! Provide me with a heart, the passion of which may bring it near to You; With a tongue, the truth of which may be offered up to You; And with a vision whose character may bring it nigh to You; My God! Whoever becomes acquainted with you is not an unknown; whoever takes shelter with you is not abandoned; One to whom you turn cannot be owned.
My God! Whoever takes the path to you is enlightened, and whoever resorts to you is saved.
And I have cleaved to You, O my God!
So, do not disappoint me of Your Mercy, and do not block me from your kindness.
My God! Place me among your Friends In the position of one who hopes for an increase in Your love.
My God! Inspire me with fervor for the remembrance of you until I have become inspired with remembrance of you and spiritual zeal for the success of Your Name and the station of Your Sanctity.
My God! By You I invoke you to join me to the place of those who are obedient to you and the abode of the righteous of those with whom you are pleased.
I can neither defend myself nor control that which is in my interests.
My God! I am your weak and sinful servant and your repentant slave so, do not make me one of those from whom you avert Your Face and whose inattentiveness blocks him from your forgiveness.
My God! Make me completely cut off from all else but you And enlighten the vision of our hearts With the radiance of looking at You Until the vision of our hearts penetrates the veils of light And reaches the Source of Grandeur And set our spirits to be suspended by the glory of your sanctity.
My God! Make me of those who answer you when you call them, who are thunderstruck by Your Majesty when you look at them, and who work for you openly when you whisper to them secretly.
My God! I have not allowed my good Opinion of You to be overcome by despair, nor have I lost hope in the favor of your generosity.
My God! If my mistakes have degraded me with you, ignore them In virtue of my reliance on you.
My God! If my sins have lowered me to unworthiness of your kindness, my certainty has roused me to the nobility of your affection.
My God! If I have been put to sleep by neglecting to prepare to encounter you, I have been roused by knowledge of the nobility of your blessings.
My God! If you’re great punishment invites me to the Fire, Your abundant reward invites me to heaven.
My God! I ask and beseech you, I implore and entrust you to bestow your blessings on Muhammad and the progeny of Muhammad, And to make me of those who are constant in their remembrance of you, and who never violate their covenant with you, who neglect giving thanks to you and who do not depreciate your commands.
My God! Join me to the Light of Your resplendent Might, so I may have gnosis of you And may be diverted from all else but you, And be fearfully watchful of you.
O Sublime and Noble!
May the blessings of Allah be with Muhammad, His Apostle, and his immaculate progeny, abundant salutations prayed for their peace!

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